Out of State Dealer Checklist

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Please arrive in our office before 4 PM for all title transfers or if you are moving into Iowa from another state.

 Printable Out of State Dealer Checklist

  • Transfer Document – MSO or Out-of-State Title with each reassignment completed as applicable. 
  • Iowa Application –Form 411007 - must be complete and signed by all owners being titled on the vehicle or Form 411179if the vehicle is a lease.  All information must be completed. 
  • Iowa Damage Disclosure – Form 411108 – required for vehicles 7 years old and newer. 
  • Odometer Disclosure – Required for vehicles 9 years and newer.
    Federal/state law requires the mileage statement be completed with signed and hand printed names (typed or stamped  names are not acceptable) and the original submitted with the transfer paperwork.

Note: If the vehicle is being titled in an organization name, the agent signing for the organization MUST sign and hand print their individual name (stamped or typed names are not acceptable) as well as their job title with the organization.

Additional Documents as Required

  • Vehicle in a Trust or Transferring into a Trust
    A copy of the complete trust or Iowa Certification of Trust document must be submitted with transfer.

  • Lien Release
    Lien should be released on the face of the title or a separate release document may be submitted.  The document must contain original signatures and is required to be notarized.

  • Purchase agreement

Additional Points to Note

  1. For each reassignment, information must be complete and we must have original signatures on all documents.

  2. Forms may be located by going to www.iowatreasurers.org motor vehicle forms.

  3. Fees:

    1. Tax is calculated on the price of vehicle, minus trade allowance on vehicle traded and manufacturer rebates.  Iowa road use tax is 5%.

    2. Title Fee: $25.00

    3. Lien Fee: $10.00

    4. Registration Fee is subject to vehicle and renewal month.  Trade vehicle plate and registration credit may be transferred.  Fees will be quoted by calling our office and providing VIN#.

    5. A Fee Calculator is located at www.iowadot.gov/mvd.

      1. In the registering a vehicle tab click on” Fee calculators”

      2. Hover mouse over “Tools”the dealer inquiry tab will present; click on this.

      3. Click on the “Fee Estimator”

      4. From there you will be able to determine applicable fees.

This is a guideline for Dealers.  We cannot guarantee documents are in order until documents have been presented in office.  Transfers are unique and documents required may vary for each transaction.