Noxious Weeds of Dallas County

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Below is a link to noxious weeds that must be controlled in Iowa:

Iowa’s Noxious Weeds

Iowa's noxious weed law also prohibits the sale and distribution of purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria).  This weed is also prohibited by Iowa's Aquatic Invasive Species Law along with European wand loosestrife (Lythrum virgatum). 

purple loosestrife
Purple loosestrife in bloom

Below is a list of additional plant species which are considered invasive or aggressive by the Dallas County IRVM Program and County Weed Commissioner. These species are unsuitable for use or growth in roadside plant communities. Because of concern for their spread into public right of ways, planting these species in adjacent private lands is discouraged. This plant species list is not all-inclusive, and may be edited to include or remove certain species as conditions or situations dictate.

Species that are not declared noxious but are declared nuisance weeds by the Dallas County IRVM program for various reasons include:

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