2017 - F31 Paving West Of Minburn

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For a map showing the expected paving for today, visit our F31 West of Minburn Paving Map

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F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 10/26/17

Paving To Begin Monday, October 30

Post Date:10/26/2017 4:43 PM

    Manatt's is planning to begin paving on F31 Monday, October 30th.  Paving will be done in three layers, with the first layer starting at Kimble Place.  Paving operations will block the full width of the road.  Because of this, residences west of the paving operation will only have access to their homes from the west, or Kimble Place.  Residences east of the paving operation will have access through Minburn, until the paving operation passes their home.  Manatt's expects that each layer of asphalt will take 3 days to complete from Kimble Place to Minburn. 


    F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 9/15/17

    Bridge Closing

    Post Date: 09/15/2017 11:29 AM

    Construction will begin on the new bridge approaches at the bridge over the Raccoon River on Monday, September 18th.  While the new bridge approaches are being built, the bridge will need to be closed to all traffic.  Residents west of the bridge, including residents of Lexington Lane, will need to exit the project to the west.  Residents east of the bridge will need to exit the project using Lexington Road or through Minburn.  Construction of the bridge approaches is expected to take a week and a half, depending on weather.  An update will be provided when the bridge reopens. 


    F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 8/25/17

    Post Date: 08/25/2017 3:34 PM


    Manatt's has finished placing rock on the west 1/2 mile of the project.  Residents west of Lexington Lane will now be able to exit the west end of the project or Kimble Place.  Residents of Lexington Lane and all residents east of the Raccoon River have access through Minburn.


    F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 8/23/17

    Post Date: 08/23/2017 4:19 PM


    Manatt's has finished placing rock between the Raccoon River Bridge and Minburn.  They will begin their stabilization and rock placement at the west end of the project this afternoon.  For Wednesday evening and all day Thursday, all residents should enter and exit the project through Minburn or Lexington Road.  We will provide another update once the Kimble Place intersection is reopened. 


    F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 8/21/17

    Post Date: 08/21/2017 3:35 PM


    Due to the rain over the weekend, and rain expected Monday evening, there are some areas of the project that will be impassable. Those areas have been identified on the map of this road closure at the link below. All residents East of Lexington Lane, including those residents of Lexington Lane, will need to use Lexington Road as access (the gravel road on the East side of the Raccoon River Bridge.) All other residents West of Lexington Lane will need to exit the project by traveling on the shoulders to Kimble Place.  When the weather permits, Manatt's will continue stabilizing the base and covering it with the crushed concrete.  We will update the road closure map once the impassable areas become passable again.


    F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 8/7/17

    Post Date: 08/07/2017 3:33 PM


    Excavation is complete from Minburn to the bridge over the North Raccoon River.  Manatt's plans to be done with their excavation west of the river this week.  The crushing operation started Friday and will continue through this week and into next.  By the end of today, they should be pretty close to the cemetery.  After today, the crushing operation will begin to pass homes along the project.  Once the crushing operation passes a home, that resident will only have access through Minburn until the crushing operation is on the west side of the river.  At their current pace, they may reach Lexington Road by Thursday morning, and may begin crushing on the west side of the river by Friday.  The crushing operation will expose old asphalt pavement that residents will be able to drive on temporarily to exit F31.

    The next construction operation is base stabilization.  This will happen in a few steps, and is scheduled to begin as early as Thursday in Minburn.  The first step will be to grind up the exposed asphalt and mix it with the rock and soil underneath.  That mixed material will then be spread out to fill the trench that the excavation has made.  The spread material will be mixed again to incorporate portland cement to stabilize and strengthen the material.  Finally, after stabilization, the crushed concrete will be placed on the road as a base for the new asphalt pavement.

    When these base stabilization operations are taking place on the east end of the project, the crushing operation may be taking place west of the river.  This will require that some residents use Lexington Road and 187th Road as a temporary detour route.  If there are questions about access to your home, please call our office at 515-993-4289.


    F31 West of Minburn Project Update - 8/3/17

    Post Date: 08/03/2017 4:34 PM

    Manatt's has made good progress with the excavation required for the new pavement.  So far the excavation is complete from the city limits of Minburn to Minburn Court and is continuing to the west.  On Friday, August 4th Manatt's will begin removing and crushing the old pavement.  This process requires that road be totally blocked where the crushing machine is working.  In other words, residents west of the crushing operation will not have access to Minburn via F31.  Any residents west of the crushing operation will need to exit the project by traveling west towards P58 and use the marked detour.  The crushing will be a mobile operation and will begin at the city limits of Minburn and will work towards the west.  A map will be posted to the project website below, and will be updated with an approximate work area as that information becomes available.


    F31 West of Minburn Road Closure

    Post Date: 07/26/2017 3:56 PM


    F31 will be closed between Kimble Place and the city of Minburn for reconstruction beginning July 31st.  Construction is expected to take 3-4 months, depending on weather.  Through traffic should follow the marked detour routes of Highway P58 (J Avenue), Highway 44, and Highway 169.  The contractor will be required to provide access to residents along the project, including the residents of Lexington Lane.

    Manatt's will be the contractor and is the same contractor that constructed F31 east of Minburn last year.  The first construction activities will be to break up the pavement and excavate a portion of the shoulder on each side of the road to allow for widening of the pavement and subbase.  This will leave rough pavement and a drop-off on the each edge of the pavement.  Local residents using the project for access to their homes should use caution and drive slowly.