Dallas County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

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210 N. 10th St.
Adel, IA  50003
Phone: 515.993.6914     Fax: 515.993.6930
Phone: 515.993.4751 - Real Estate

Welcome to the Dallas County Auditor's web page.  The staff and I serve the citizens of Dallas County and the visitors of this site.  We hope that you will visit our office when in the vicinity.

The County Auditor is Exofficio Secretary of the Board of Supervisors and prepares and maintains all official records of meeting minutes, Board voting records and resolutions.  This office also publishes the Board record of minutes.  

The County Auditor acts as Drainage Secretary for the Board of Supervisors and prepares and maintains all official records of meeting minutes, Board voting records, resolutions, correspondence  and other legal notices.

The County Auditor by Iowa Code assumes the responsibility of Elections.  The Commissioner is required to conduct elections for the county as well as seven school districts, fourteen cities, franchise companies, and special elections.  Our publications state the type of election, where it is to be held, and if necessary where a voter may cast an absentee ballot.  During a general election year, the Commissioner may assign various locations as "satellite voting stations"  for voters unable to attend their polling place on election day. 

The County Auditor also serves as Voter Registrar and is required to maintain 58,600 voter registration records in conjunction with Federal Registration regulations as adopted by state legislature

This office maintains Accounts Payable and pays all debts claimed against the county including Payroll for its employees upon approval by the Board of Supervisors. 

The Auditor receives assessed values each year from the County Assessor.  This office then applies Rollbacks, Equalizations, Military Credits, Homestead Credits, and TIF (Tax Increment Financing) calculations, prior to filing Taxable Values With the state.  The Auditor calculates Agricultural Land Credits and Family Farm Credits prior to computing Taxes on all taxable property.  Taxes are computed with Levies calculated from budgets submitted by cities, schools, townships, and state certifications, the Auditor then certifies the tax lists to the Treasurer for collection.

The Auditor maintains the official Plat Books of the county showing names of owners of rural land and town lots.  This office also enters all real estate transfer documents each day to the plat books and transfer books.

The Auditor is the Official Custodian of the courthouse under direction of the Board of Supervisors.