Dallas County Court Fine Collections

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The Dallas County Attorney's Office offers payment plans to assist you in payment of delinquent fines. Participation in a payment plan with the County Attorney's Office may allow you to obtain driver's license back, register your vehicles, and/or renew your license plates.  Please contact the office for more information.

Payment Plans

If your case has become delinquent (more than 90 days since disposition), you may be eligible to set up a payment plan for your financial obligations.  You must fill out this financial affidavit and may return it by mail to 207 N.9th Street Adel, IA 50003, by email to dcattorney@dallascountyiowa.gov, or by fax to 515-993-5069. After we receive the financial affidavit and review it, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to come to our office and sign the agreement. Your first month's payment is due the day you sign the agreement. 

 Driver's License Reinstatement

If the Department of Transportation (DOT) has suspended your driver's license, you may be able to enter into the Driver's License Reinstatement program with our office by signing a County Attorney Payment Plan (CAPP) agreement.  To enter into a CAPP plan, you mustcontact Collections Attorney Ronald Forsell and provide your name, social security number, driver's license number, and birth date.  You must also fill out the financial affidavit and return it to our office.

After providing us with your information, we work with the DOT and determine your eligibility for the CAPP plan.  After determining your eligibility, we will send a letter that explains your next steps.

Driver's License Reinstatement Eligibility

You will not be eligible for the license reinstatement program if any of the following criteria apply:

  • If your license is suspended for non-payment of Child Support
  • If your license is suspended for out-of-state tickets.
  • If you have failed to complete a substance abuse evaluation (if required by the DOT)
  • If you have failed to obtain an Ignition Interlock Device (if required by the DOT)
  • If you have failed to complete the Drinking and Driving Class (if required by the DOT)