Other Power Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD)


Dallas County Conservation Board has taken action to designate trails on which the operation of other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMDs) by individuals with disabilities are not allowed or allowed with conditions and/or restrictions. Click here to read the board's resolution regarding OPDMDs.

Trail Assessment Worksheets 

    • TRAIL NAME: Forest Park Museum Prairie Trail (mowed path)
    • TRAIL NAME: Hanging Rock Park Trails 

    • TRAIL NAME: High Trestle Trail
    • TRAIL NAME: 
Kuehn Conservation Area Trails
    • TRAIL NAME: Raccoon River Valley Trail (Waukee to Dawson) 

    • TRAIL NAME: Raccoon River Valley Trail (Waukee to Linden) 

    • TRAIL NAME: Sportsman Park Nature Trail 

    • TRAIL NAME: Trindle Park 

    • TRAIL NAME: Voas Nature Area 
    • TRAIL NAME: All trails not otherwise addressed in a separate assessment


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