Goals & Objectives

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West Central Valley 8th Gr Redfield DamAll Dallas County Conservation Board's Environmental Educational Programs and Activities sponsored by the department support the following goals:

Awareness - help the learner to acquire a sensitivity to, and appreciation for, the total environment - especially the natural, cultural, and recreational resources of Dallas County.

Knowledge - help the learner to gain a variety of experiences in, and acquire a basic understanding of the ecological principles and processes operating in the environment.

Connections - Applications - help the learner to recognize the link between individual/group actions - decisions and environmental problems so as to enhance their understanding of the cause and effect relationships in ecological issues.

Skills - help learners to acquire the skills for participating in outdoor recreational activities, and for the identification, research, analysis, evaluation and solving of environmental problems.

Participation - provide the learner with opportunities to be involved in outdoor recreational activities and actively involved in working towards the resolution of environmental problems.

Environmental Education Program Objectives

Chris TeachingTo accomplish our mission and meet the program goals, the Dallas County Conservation Board's Environmental Education Program sponsors formal educational opportunities in cooperation with the county's school systems as well as non-formal educational opportunities for the general public and adult populations.

These educational opportunities include:

  • field trip and outdoor learning programs at county parks and natural areas for local school districts, primarily in the fall and spring;
  • classroom programs for local school districts, primarily in the winter;
  • informational and educational opportunities for local teachers, including newsletters, manuals, workshops, etc;
  • programming and special events for the general public;
  • educational programs for adult populations;
  • requested programming for special populations;
  • publication and distribution of an informational newsletter for the general public, and periodic publicity concerning conservation programs, event activities, projects, etc.

Environmental Education Program

Javelin throw"The Objective is to teach the student to see the land, to understand what he sees, and to enjoy what he understands"

These words by Aldo Leopold express the goals of Dallas County Conservation public programs. DCCB's Public Programs invite you to See, Understand, and Enjoy this place we call home. for an idea of the diversity of experiences and topics addressed by DCCB's Public Programs, go to our Calendar Section to view a listing of programs offered in the coming season.

What does it mean to see the Land?
Perhaps participating in a public canoe float down the Raccoon River with a geologist will open your eyes to the stories written in the rocks and land forms of Dallas County.

How does understanding grow from a new vision?
Join in our citizen Volunteer Water Monitoring program to recognize the connections between individual-group actions and decisions and water quality issues.

What enjoyment comes with understanding?
Participation in a prairie burn and thrill in the fury and healing of life on our native landscapes restoration.

As we evolve through Leopold's stages you will come to recognize the equilibrium between a quality of life and the quality of environment.

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