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Our Provider Network

Dallas County is fortunate to have relationships with many Providers of services to meet the needs of our consumers.  The CPC Administrator maintains information on the Dallas County Provider Network. Providers subject to accreditation, license, or certification must meet established standards to be a part of the Dallas County Provider Network.

How can I become a part of the Dallas County Provider Network? 

Providers requesting to be included in the Dallas County Provider Network are to begin the application process by requesting a Provider Handbook and copies of the 28E Board contract and contraction essentials from the CPC office. The Provider Handbook includes a provider profile that is to be completed and returned to the CPC office. It also includes a Services Management Plan and information on Dallas County Mental Health provider expectations. The decision to authorize payment is based on the following criteria: 
    • If the philosophy of the services to be provided is in meeting with the Dallas County Managed Care Plan;
    • If the cost and routine range of services are comparable to or less expensive than those provided by other Dallas County Providers; 
    • If the provider meets established professional standards.

The CPC will then determine if the provider is appropriate for the Dallas County network of providers based on the above information.

4/26/16- We are currently updating this list...stay tuned!