Website Enhancements

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Website Changes

July 2015 Updates

Highlighted updates include:

  • Rental property spreadsheet. This spreadsheet shows all current apartments, condos, and co-ops that are currently used as rental property. This documents can be located under the Frequently Requested Information tab.
  • Land sales spreadsheet. This spreadsheet shows all recent residential land sales. This document is updated periodically and can be located under the News tab and also the Frequently Requested Information tab.
  • Instructions on how to export data using the "Available files to download by class type". This document helps explain the steps on exporting specific data into excel. This document is located under the frequently Requested Information tab.
  • Updated 2015 Rollback. This document can be found under the Data-Miscellaneous tab.
  • Board of Review petition postmark dates have changed! All Board of Review petitions MUST be post marked between April 2nd - April 30th (inclusive). Any petitions received after these dates will not be considered.

December 2011 Updates

The Dallas County Assessor strives to display as much information as possible on our website in an understandable format.  We listen to our users and try to implement changes when possible.  Our assessment information website has been updated for December, 2011.

Highlighted updates include: 

    • Simple and Advanced sections have been separated on the front page 
        o Users will have to click on either “Simple Search” or “Advanced Search” to see different options 
    • Additional Search buttons have been added to the Advanced Search Sales section 
    • NUTC Code "dropdown" has been expanded to display more of the code descriptions 
    • Link to Dallas County Recorder has been removed at the bottom of the pages 

    • Parcel Info Updates 
        o Additional formatting has been added to the Notes section for easier reading 
        o Parcel Email Link 
            A new link has been added at the top of the Parcel Info page that opens a new page allowing the user to send an email containing a link for the parcel page as well as a message to the email recipient