NOTE:  The Dallas County Board of Review is comprised of five members.  All members live in Dallas County and are not employed by the Assessor's office nor any other county office.

Latest version of the Board of Review Duties are:  Board of Review Duties 2016

2016 Board member positions:

Charles Goodall, realtor, Chair

Georgia Vincent, farmer, Vice Chair

Craig Gratias, Builder

Open Position

Open Position

(Members' phone numbers are not given to the public.)

Meetings are open to the public.  Hearings will be held in the courtroom on the fourth floor of the Dallas County Courthouse unless otherwise specified.  Meeting dates and times will be posted twenty-four hours prior to the meeting.  The Board will be in session during the month of May, and if needed, may request an extension from the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Form:  2016 Petition Board of Review.  The form will need to be printed, signed, and either mailed or faxed to 515-993-5822.  The Board will not accept emailed petitions.   Petitions must be postmarked between April 2 and April 30, inclusive.

Notification of the Board's decision will be mailed after they have adjourned.  The decision letter will also include options for further action through the Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB) or District Court, if desired.  The website address for the PAAB is: